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Hi! We are The Vela's, my husband (Evan) and I (Ashley)are the owners and operators of Barking Vows. We have three human babies and we have three loving dogs of our own. Having our pets at our wedding was a big deal for us. However, we didn't want to bother friends or family by asking them to watch our pets on a night they should also be enjoying. Pets are wonderful and many see theirs as their children, so you can imagine how hard it is to leave them home on such an important day. Sadly our pets weren't there on our big day, and we really don't want others to struggle with the choice of asking family or to not bring them. That's what gave us the idea to start this business where we help fill that role for couples. We want to be there to help you and your pets, by making sure your fur babies

are there on that special day.

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